10 Best Interior Design Ideas for Salon

An eye-catching appearance can help you grab quick attention of your customers. Therefore, you need to focus on the best interior designs ideas for Salon. Make sure your workplace is not only beautifully designed but also have complete coziness so a customer can feel relaxation; while waiting for their turn. Here are some ideas which you can try to enhance the existing look of your beauty salon.

1. Set a Theme

It is quite important to decide what will be a theme of your space. It can be classic, modern, retro, vintage, and minimalistic. Classic and retro themes are hard to set as they require special kind of furniture and sometimes the very customized furniture. On the other hand, vintage and modern themes are simple to set and you are able to find matching furniture and other decorative items easily in the market. Minimalistic theme requires you to focus only a few colors and put emphasis on low is more kind of scenario.

2. Play with Colors

Don’t go for light shade when it comes to designing your beauty salon. Vibrant and bold colors look very amazing but don’t overdo it.The shades like red, orange, dark purple, lime seems perfect. A blend of red with white and silver makes your space stand out from another nearby salon.In case you have vintage theme in mind, you need to stick with soft shade with brown, skin and peach tones blending.

3. Always Get Comfy Furniture

You need to buy very cozy furniture for your clients. I always recommend a leather sofa as they are soft and shiny. You can clean them with ease.They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Normally, L-Shaped sofa looks great in space. But you should consider U-Shaped and C-Shaped designs just when you want to add a different style. Avoid sofa with upholstery as they don’t offer a very professional look. The button-backed sofa is high in demand and if you like to follow trend then you can consider getting the same for your own beauty salon. Adding some cushions on the sofa is your personal choice. But I suggest you have some, just to make the seating comfortable for elderly women.

4. Hang a Chandelier

A sense of luxury and style can be added into your beauty salon through a center-focus chandelier. Crystal white chandelier is always my first preference. However, you can try some modern and unique designs as well. In case you have black shade as a part of your salon interior theme, you can easily find black crystal chandelier; which are not so common and bring unique touch into space.

5. Paste Wall Paintings

If you get a chance, go to a gallery and try to find fashion-oriented painting masterpieces. Hang such paintings on the wall and you will bring an artistic appeal to your beauty salon in no time. In case you are tight on budget then another idea is to buy a large size minimalistic painting that cost less but works more in a commercial environment. Your customers who are waiting for the turn would spend more time looking at the painting and try to understand the story behind it.

6. Do Wall Graphics and Texture

Want to add some fancy touch in your Salon interior? I suggest you opt for accent walls, strips wall paints, textured walls or best of all the graphical designs. It is one of the best interior design ideas for Salon. If you care about the appearance of your salon and have a desire to make it simply perfect then a little investment on wall graphics and texture will pay you a high return. People like to get services from a salon that has a chic environment and appearance. So, your investment in salon wall design will be fully appreciated and thereby well-worth.

7. Change your Salon Ceiling

Popup ceilings are commonly used in a salon interior as they bring drama and glamor at the same time. But you should have to take a step more by adding lights into your ceilings. Even I suggest you buy colorful or printed four or five blades fans. These fans come with integrated lights and best to add fancy elements into a shop. The main idea is to make your salon ceiling designs captivating. Plain white ceiling won’t look really great, even when you consider pop ceiling designs. You should add some colors. You can match ceiling shades with your existing furniture shades.

8. Set a few Lamps and Vases

As you have a particular theme in mind then it won’t be really hard to pick a lampshade according to your existing theme.For example, if you have red walls you can create an illuminating contrast through silver or white side table lamps.I don’t suggest floor lamps as they capture more space. Flower vases should be set on the side tables and also on reception. Fresh flowers should be added into vases on daily-basis as they bring soothing aroma into your workspace.

9. Place Plants in the Corner

Go green and set some plants. In case you don’t like to handle natural plants and it feels like a tiresome job to you, another option is artificial plants. These plants require cleaning on a weekly basis as they get dusty with time. Adding plants means bring nature effect into your salon interior design and this effect leave a powerful impact on customers’ mind. They will feel fresh and energetic by looking at plants ( even when they artificial).

10. Search for Creative Décor items

Go into a gift or décor shop nearby and search for some items which have creative décor based on salon theme. For example, you can find creative salon clock where a scissor is set in the middle and its two blades work as clock hands. Even there are some designs where makeup brushes and tools are set as the different number on a wall clock. You have to visit different stores until you find something for your shop. Want to save your time? Search online for creative salon decor. In a matter of seconds, you will end up with tons of options.


I have shared my creative interior design ideas for Salon. Now it’s up to you to pick an idea which you like the most. I’m sure you have your own amazing ideas. Feel free to share them with my readers.

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