8 Ways to Keep Your Salon Clean

New Year is coming soon and lots of clients demand new looks. They will visit your salon and ask for some latest hairstyles and manicure styles. Before they even take an entry into your shop, you should think of refreshing and cleaning your salon. It is certainly the best time to rearrange all your stock and clean your counters/desks. Salon cleaning is a must not only from a hygiene point of view but also from a marketing angle. Your amazing services won’t sale at a good price if your workplace is simply a mess. You can attract more clients and enjoy high sale at the start of the year, all you have to do is to clean it from top to bottom. Today, I would like to share 7 easy ways to keep your Salon Clean and neat.  Let’s unlock some ways which let you attain and retain your customers in long run.

1. Start Fresh i.e. Empty your roomStart Fresh i.e. Empty your room

Every year, you should plan of refreshing your salon look as it will make your space quite attractive. I’m not saying you to start buying new things and change your furniture. You have to do some rearrangements which won’t take much time.  Implement simple rule “New Year, New Looks” – this rule will bring new clients and also help you keep your existing clients.

  • Remove all the items from your desks, corner shelves, drawers, cabinets and start keeping them in a box. Keep a box at one side.
  • Wipe clean each and every counter and corner in the shop. There shouldn’t be any décor, makeup item or supplies.
  • You don’t have to touch the retail area of your shop because it is full of supplies and it will take much time to remove the items and then set it. Just cover the area.
  • Think of new arrangements and setting in your mind.

2. Go for Head to Toe Space Cleaning

It means cleaning every single corner of your space. I suggest you to hire a few people to complete this job. If you have cleaning staff then pay them a little for this clean-sweep task. In case you don’t have regular staff than hire someone. I prefer the DIY approach but I always ask for help from my staff members and then I reward them later for their efforts. You can do the same thing but hiring some helpers will let you complete the job in less than two days.

  • Start with Walls and ceilings. Clean your ceiling fans, wall lights, and tubes. If you have some chandelier then removes it carefully and wipe off all the dust.
  • Mirrors on walls need special attention from your side. If you notice some kind of wear and tear in the frames then repair work needs to be done quickly. Hire a professional for replacing the frame. Or simply handle damage own your own. Your clients see a reflection in the mirror, so make sure there is little or no dust on it. Regular cleaning keeps it neat and dust-free. But when it comes to an annual and clean-sweep project you can use some heavy chemical sprays designed for mirror cleaning.
  • Remove curtains from Windows and Doors and start removing dust from this area of your walls. Wash all the towels, curtains and pads you use on regular basis.
  • Floor Cleaning is not so hard especially when you do clean the space on daily basis. However, if your tiles lost their grout and you notice some cracks, it is a serious problem. Your floor must look crystal clear. When a budget is not tight then replacing tiles with hardwood flooring seems like a great idea. However, when you have a tight budget, the best suggestion is to cover the floor with carpet or rugs. This smart idea offers your floor a new look in no time and with less money spending.

3. Pay Attention to Vanity Cabinets and Desk

Pay Attention to Vanity Cabinets and Desk

Many times Salon owners forget to clear their cabinets and drawers. When staff opens up a drawer then a pile of old dusty makeup items lets the customers believe that owners don’t care much about cleaning. In simple words, a negative message is conveyed.  So, grab an old towel and start clearing cabinets, shelves, and drawers.

An important tip: Once you did with cleaning the salon cabinets, you can spread plastic sheets or covers in each shelf, drawer, and cabinets. Plastic sheets and covers are easy to clean with the mean of surf and water solution.

4. Think of New Possible look

At this stage, when you look at your workplace everything should look clean and tidy. This clear space gives you a chance to think about a new look and arrangement you can possibly do. Shifting furniture and table is a simple task to do. Some other new look idea is to do wall-graphics, change wall paint or paste wallpaper on your mirror wall area. Adding cushions into your existing sofa would add ultimate comfort to your life. A centerpiece on the main coffee table is a good addition.  Add some side table lamps but avoid floor lamps as they cover more space. You already have limited space, so try to make the most of it.

5. Do Clean Makeup Items and Supplies

Do Clean Makeup Items and Supplies

As you are done with space setting and cleaning, the next focus should be put on the makeup items and supplies. There are many sponges, pads and towels you use during makeup session. It is time to wash them and even bleach them ( if required).  Grab all the brushes, comb,  and dip them in a pot filled with water, surf and makeup cleaning agent.

Soak all the brush for more than three hours. Now wash them with clean water and put them at a side. Let them air dry and then use a towel to clean them deeply. Make sure no dust particle remain on any hairbrush or makeup brush.

6. Start Sanitization Process

It is the most important step in Salon cleaning. If you are concern about your client’s health and hygiene then you have to take all necessary precautions to keep all tools and pieces of equipment germ-free. Tweezers, scissors and other tools required proper sanitization. You have to do it on daily basis. It is advisable to sanitize tweezers, blade or manicure kit, pedicure metal tools you use just after every client leave. Even when you clean it in the presence of your customer, you give a positive message to her that you care about hygiene more than anything.

7. Sorting and Clearing

It is time to move your attention to all the items which you removed from the desks and cabinets. You don’t have to simply put them into their places after dusting or cleaning. Instead, you have to do the sorting. There are some used and un-used jars of creams and lotions. Get rid of used jars and keep the unused one. Read expiry dates on all items one-by-one. Throw the expired items from your stock.

During sorting you might notice some makeup items which you didn’t use at all. The main reason for not using them is your customers who don’t need the service of such items. In this case, these items are simply useless but you can make the most from it. Keep these items at a side and sell them at a discount price to another salon or shop. No need to store any item which you are not going to use anytime sooner.

8. Time to Organize and Arrange

It is the most important task which requires your full attention. If you do this correctly then you won’t have to search for any item while you are dealing with your clients. It happens much time that you put a makeup item at a place where it shouldn’t be. You spend hours searching for it and this behavior simply annoys your clients. You need to be an efficient service provider. It is possible if you arrange your items in the right way.

  • Categorize all the items based on their needs and daily requirements.
  • Put makeup items at one side and manicure-pedicure kit at another side.
  • Facial supplies will go to corner shelves where you access them quickly.
  • Set hair tools and machinery next to a desk in a tidy manner. It is good to hold the wires and keep them secure and clutter free by using a ribbon.
  • In the manicure section, arrange all the nail polishes based on their shades. Get an organizer where you can set dark shade at one side and lighter shade at another side.
  • Once you clean all the manicure and pedicure tools, don’t put them out on a desk as they will gather dust from this area very soon. It is good to have a separate makeup bags for all such tools. You can keep this bag inside a drawer for quick and easy access.
  • Go to your retail store area and start cleaning and organizing. Make sure to make a list of items which are out of stock and also those which you don’t have but clients demand about it. Save this list for your next shopping. Get rid of all those supplies which have low or no-demand. Removing these items give you extra space where you can keep high-demand supplies.
  • No need to buy an additional makeup store showcase. You can easily make money from low-demand items by putting them on a very deep discount sale. Every client will take good interest and your stock will be cleared in no time.

Salon Regular Cleaning is a Must

Now you know about all 8 ways which help you keep your salon neat and clean. Even you can add a new look to your workplace just for attracting more customers. But one thing which you should keep in mind is that this 2-day cleaning job will become worthless unless you follow the rule of every-day cleaning.

  • Before you open the store, your cleaning staff should wipe the dust away from all the areas of your store.
  • Daily bathroom cleaning is a must. Your bathroom doesn’t smell bad. It must have a hand sanitizer which you and your staff can use on regular basis.
  • Every day there must be a clean set of white-washed towels in a bathroom so your customers can use it.
  • Your whole workspace shouldn’t have any clutter. When someone enters into a shop, he should get an impression of tidy space at first look.
  • There shouldn’t be any hair on the floor as they may become a reason for a client’s slip on the floor. Injury at the workplace can cost you legal complaint and you don’t like to face it.
  • Bring a rule of cleaning the floor and area after every client leaves the salon.
  • Sanitize all those tools which you use on a client.
  • Ask your staff to wash their hands before offering any service.
  • Put some scented fresh flowers in the side table vases which will bring aroma into your environment.
  • Keep Air-fresher handy, just to avoid any bad smell.
  • Keep newspaper and fashion magazines at the side desk- so customers who are waiting for service can read them. Make sure you have the latest magazines, not the old ones.


Keeping your Salon clean is important to win new customer heart and turn him into a recurring customer. When he likes your environment and service, he will like to come back again and again. Even word of mouth kind of marketing will play its role. Your salon will standout in the crowd when you promote it on the basis of the hygienic environment. People will visit a clean salon often as they know that they are putting themselves in the hands of other people who care about cleanliness, health, and hygiene.

Do you have your own ways of keeping a salon clean? Don’t forget to share it with us.

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