Led Lighting for Salon: Definitive Guide

Your Salon Lighting interior can make or break your customer experience. So, it is vital to focus on this aspect of your beauty salon and know about some tips and trick which let you make your interior simply the best.

Benefits of Good Lighting in a Salon

Here are five benefits and reasons which convince you to illuminate your Salon Properly.

1. Get the Good Design: 

Benefits of Good Lighting in a Salon

You are able to find bulbs with different kinds of temperature. There are two main kind one is the cool bulb and second is a hot one. Now if you pick a too hot bulb then you will turn your salon into a clinic. If you opt for cool bulb then it seems like that your salon is under the sunlight.  You have to pick the right bulb for maintaining the good interior design.

2. Offer Great Service:

Your staff must have adequate light to complete their job with precision and quality. If you don’t install LED lights at the right angle and place, then staff might experience shadow which affects their work quality.

3. Let the Customer Feel Good:

Let the Customer Feel Good

Your salon lights must be flattering and soothing for the customer. Whether she sits on a chair or in a waiting area, she can look at herself easily. Her complexion must be clear under the mirror lights. When she looks great in the mirror, she enjoys your service and probably come again for more services. That’s mean you will get a happy customer.

4. Enjoy High  Retail Sales:

Don’t forget to enlighten your retain area in a proper manner. If there are some special products which you want to sell quickly then use directional light such as ambient lights over them. Customer will get attracted toward it and thereby you get your sales.

5. Better Handling Reception Task:

Better Handling Reception Task

Your receptionist has to answer the call and book the appointment. You should set a task lamp or LED light on this area, so she can handle her duties with ease. She won’t be able to note a number and name on the paper when the light is too dim to write anything down.

How to Choose LED Lights for Salon? 5 Tips to Consider

Now you know why salon lighting is an important task to handle. Next thing you need to understand is the selection process. Let’s check some tips which help you pick the right lights for your salon.

1. Pick a light that Compliments Your Interior

You can find bulbs with the warm and cool temperature. A warm temperature bulb offers 2700-3500 Kelvin temperature. On the other hand, cool temperature bulb can offer 4800 Kelvin temperature close to daylight. You don’t like to turn your salon into a daylight kind of clinic, therefore, you should opt for warm temperature bulb because it compliments your salon interior and at the same time flatter the complexion of your customer. It is a fact that complexion of a person looks really weird under sun-light and day-light. Therefore, you should opt for warm temperature bulb that creates a perfect flattery complexion environment for your customers.

2. Check Color Rendering Index

Hair color looks different under different Lights.  Now you have to pick a bulb with high Color rending index, so it can demonstrate the right color. If you install a bulb with low index then your customer might be happy to have the same shade color she picks in your salon. But when she gets out and notices that her hair color is different then she will consider you a cheat or fraud. You never want to annoy your customer like that. Color rendering index shows the light quality and its faithfulness to render colors. Whenever you are going to buy a bulb, ask for a bulb with a Color Rendering Index CRI 86 or higher.

3. Avoid Shadows in your Salon

Getting a right bulb won’t do any good if you install it in the wrong position to cast shadows. In other words, you have to be careful while positioning the bulb in a salon.  Make sure you install a bulb in a way that it doesn’t create a shadow on your customer’s face otherwise your customer can’t see her face and feels bad. On the other hand, your service providers can’t do their job in the right way in the presence of shadows.

4. Go for LED Bulbs

LED Bulbs

Want to save money on your energy bills? The simple solution is to invest money in LED bulbs. They are energy efficient power source with high Color Rendering Index and the wide variety of shades. You can buy ambient LED lights or lamps that are not only energy efficient but also have a longer life than other energy sources. If you buy lights from a brand, then you can also expect a 5-year warranty or more.

5. Buy Quality Lighting Fixture

Whether you are looking for task lighting, lamps, bulb, ambient lights, or ceiling bulbs, the most important thing is quality. Light must have high CRI along with durability. So, wherever you install the light, it brings benefits not only for you but also for your customer.

Wrap up

LED Lighting for Salon is simply a must as it helps the owner to reduce energy bills. At the same time, it allows him to offer great customer service and enjoy high sale in the retail area.  Make sure you look at quality, CRI, and other features before you select the right lights for your beauty salon.

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